Awards Evening

The school would like to congratulate the following children who received a prize at Awards Evening on Tuesday, 3rd July.
During the evening, guest speaker Mr David Kidd inspired the children through the story of the Hare and the Tortoise, a thought provoking message for both pupils, staff and parents.

Pre-Prep Awards
Year 1
Attainment:  Ritika Chakraborty
Effort:  Nayan Patel
Progress:  Rayeesah Bushra Malik

Year 2
Attainment:  Amala Kajan
Effort:  Alfie Tarsey
Progress:  Kayla Pidgeon
Topic:  Finn Sayers
Music:  Kobika Dilipkumar
Science:  Sama Islam

Prep Awards:
Year 3
Attainment:  Zaynah Islam
Effort:  Amelie Bardsley
Progress:  Amir Jhetam

Year 4
Attainment:  Khadija Waheed
Effort:  Nicole Alves
Progress:  George Ingle

Year 5
Attainment:  Simran Attalia
Effort:  Eve Sullivan
Progress:  Sasha Reynolds

Year 6
Attainment:  Tomi Adeleye
Effort:  Erin Cushway
Progress:  Zak McCulloch
Maths:  Michael Dietel
English:  Maya Simms
Science:  Lia Garcia
History:  Khan Gorgulu
Geography:  Hibban Ali
French:  Khan Gorgulu
RE:  Maya Simms
Art:  Maya Simms
ICT:  Erin Cushway

Special Awards:
Music/Drama:  Jack Adams
Choir Award:  Maya Simms
Collins Cup:  Tomi Adeleye
Shield:  Tishe Conde
Poetry:  Maya Simms
Citizenship:  Asher Regal
Victor Ludorum:  Tomi Adeleye
Victor Ludorum:  Olivia Segal
Head Boy 2011/2012:  Tomi Adeleye
Head Girl 2011/2012:  Maya Simms

Cavell House Captain 2012/2013:  Sasha Reynolds
Churchill House Captain 2012/2013:  Hassan Khan
Morris House Captain 2012/2013:  Eleana Kumana
Pankhurst House Captain 2012/2013:  Eve Sullivan
Head Boy 2012/2013:  Haimish Patel
Head Girl 2012/2013:  Nina McCausland