Year 6 visit Docklands Sailing Centre

On 6th September Year 6 visited Docklands Sailing Centre.  First we got changed into clothes that we didn’t mind getting wet then we got into life jackets.  When we were all ready we split into two teams – one team were in the canoes and one team were in a boat called a kiwi.  I was on the team who were in the canoes and it was lots of fun.  First we did a few warm ups.   We played a ball game and another game called ‘splat’  and then we got into pairs and stepped into a canoe.  We had tons of fun with at least half the team falling into the water at the end.  Next we all got changed into some warm clothes and had a very nice lunch.

When we had finished lunch and had got into our wet clothes, we put our life jackets on and went to the kiwi boats!  I enjoyed these boats better as you could get more wet and we had different oars which made it easier.  We played a few more games and then had a race with the other team in the canoes.

After that our instructors Dave and James made a raft out of the canoes.  We had lots of fun.  Within five minutes two people had already fallen off the raft. In the end we all fell off the raft when it capsized!

Before the session finished we all jumped in the lake from the side (it was freezing!)

The day turned out a success – all of Year 6 had fun and we know that next year Year 5 will enjoy it as much as us!

Thank you to Mr Biston and Mrs Campbell for taking us to a spectacular place and to Dave and James our instructors!

Emma Mall, Year 6