Walk to School Week

This is Walk to School week.  Every day two classes have met at the Sir James Hawkey Hall at 8.10am and walked to school.  All the Pre-prep children received a sticker to say they had walked to school and the Prep classes received housepoints.

It has been a good opportunity to get to know children in other classes and is a good way to show we are committed to the WoW scheme run by the Mayor’s Office.

147 out of 188 children walked to school – 78% of our pupils.

Miss Young and Miss Rooks, the School Travel Co-ordinators, would like to thank all the children and staff who have walked this week.

“Can my mum come too?”  – Foundation 1 pupil

“I really  enjoyed talking to the young children as we walked to school” – Max Findley, Year 6 pupil