We started this week with a real bang as we celebrated Diwali.  Mums from all classes dressed in saris as our weekly assembly looked at the celebrations and traditions surrounding this event.  Year 5 helped to explain the traditions of the diva lamp and Year 2 who had made divas lit them to add to the stunning display.  A group of mums had worked hard cooking lovely food for the children to try and this was displayed in the hall.  Mrs Vyas explained the origins of the sweet and savoury foods that the children were able to sample later in class.  Lakkia, Kaavya and Lakshmi performed a dance in full Indian costume which added to our celebrations and as Early Years Foundation Stage sang the Diwali song the story of Rama and Sita was once again retold.

Thank you to everyone who took part from children to parents – a great way to start this festival of light.   Happy Diwali.