Science Night at the Museum

Last Friday, 9th November, 17 intrepid scientists from Years 5 and 6 started out on a fantastic trip to the Science Museum for a sleepover.  When we arrived we were led to the Alchemy section on the 2nd floor, overlooking the main hall where we were to spend the night.

We took part in three amazing sessions – making a buzzer game, finding out about electricity and magnetism and we had to hunt for dates on the 20th century inventions.

We finally made our way to our ‘bedroom’ at 12 o’clock where Mrs Geisler and Mrs Syrett gave us a midnight feast.   The boys were sleeping on the other side of the balcony with Mr.Biston and we said goodnight to them on the way back from cleaning our teeth.

After about an hour of giggling we finally snuggled down in our sleeping bags for a few hours sleep.

In the morning after breakfast we went to the 3D Imax cinema and watched a stunning film about the Hubble space telescope.  The pictures jumped out of the screen and we put our hands out to try to touch the stars!

We finished in the Launch Pad where we all had a lot of fun with experiments and popped into the gift shop before making our way back to school.

It was a truly brilliant adventure.