Road Safety – Years 1 and 2

On Wednesday, 23rd January Helen Cray from the Redbridge Travel Plan came to visit Year 1 and Year 2 students at our independent school, to give a talk about road safety.  She involved  the children in acting out some scenarios to help understand the need to be safe on the roads and pavements.

“The Lollipop Lady helps you to cross the road”  Rae-Lei (Year 2)

Lollipop Lady at Avon House School







“Stop, look left and right and wait for the Green Man”  Aarush (Year 1)

Road Safety Lessons at Avon House Independent School







Mrs Cray encouraged us to pretend to be different vehicles and lollipop people helping us to understand the safest way to cross the roads.

“She spoke to us about remaining safe when outside with grown ups and the importance of being seen by wearing bright and reflective clothing.”    Anna (Year 1)

Zebra Crossing 2