Poetry Week

Poetry Week culminated in a bumper assembly which showcased the various ways in which classes had approached the theme of ‘Journeys’.

It was wonderful to see the confidence with which pupils delivered their verses from the nursery rhymes of Early Years to the metaphorical journeys of Year 6.  These latter poems were inspired by the visit of award winning poet Rachel Rooney on Tuesday, 5th February.  Rachel made a real impact on all age groups and she has recently performed at the South Bank with Roger McGough and Carol Ann Duffy no less!

Mr Ireland announced the winners of the House Poetry Competition as follows:

Early Years:  Ibrahim Ahmed
Years 1-2:     Sophia Kuhl
Years 3-4:     Amir Jhetam
Years 5-6:     Pranay Panchani

He also announced the winners of the House Reading Competition judged by Mrs Ferrari:

1st    Morris
2nd  Churchill
3rd   Cavell
4th   Pankhurst

The individual winner was Eleana Kumana who received an illustrated copy of ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes.