Prize Giving

The school would like to congratulate the following children who received a prize at Prize Giving on Wednesday, 3rd July.
During the evening, the prize winners, their parents and the School Governors and staff were treated to musical interludes from the school choir and instrumental soloists.  The awards were presented by Mr Neil Roskilly, CEO Independent Schools Association.

Pre-Prep Awards

Year 1
Attainment:  Sophia Kuhl
Effort:  Nabeeha Chowdhury
Progress:  Anna Biles

Year 2
Attainment:  Ritika Chakraborty
Effort:  Maleeha Patel
Progress:  Harry Moore
Topic:  Gisele le Notre
Music:  Lakshmi Robertson
Science:  Kaavya Surendra

Prep Awards:
Year 3
Attainment:  Kobika Dilipkumar
Effort:  Vikram Aujla
Progress:  Alice White

Year 4
Attainment:  Zaynah Islam
Effort:  Edward McKernan
Progress:  Amelie Bardsley

Year 5
Attainment:  Kit Middleditch-Smith
Effort:  George Ratcliff
Progress:  Hanna Kalo

Year 6
Attainment:  Nina McCausland
Effort:  Eve Sullivan
Progress:  Luke Kaminski
Maths:  Eleana Kumana
English:  Emma Mall
Science:  Hugo Bardsley
History:  Simran Attalia
Geography:  Hassan Khan
French:  Emma Mall
RE:  Max Findley
Art:  Katie Lonergan
ICT:  Haimish Patel

Special Awards:
Music/Drama:  Eleana Kumana
Choir Award:  Nina McCausland
Collins Cup:  Haimish Patel
Shield:  Henry Toft
Poetry:  Simran Attalia
Citizenship:  Sasha Reynolds
Victrix Ludorum:  Olivia Segal
Victrix Ludorum:  Nina McCausland
Cavell House Captain 2012/2013:  Sasha Reynolds
Churchill House Captain 2012/2013:  Hassan Khan
Morris House Captain 2012/2013:  Eleana Kumana
Pankhurst House Captain 2012/2013:  Eve Sullivan
Head Boy 2012/2013:  Haimish Patel
Head Girl 2012/2013:  Nina McCausland

Cavell House Captain 2013/2014:  Kit Middleditch-Smith
Churchill House Captain 2013/2014:  Pranay Panchani
Morris House Captain 2013/2014:  Francis Butterworth
Pankhurst House Captain 2013/2014:  Deyan Patel
Head Boy 2013/2014:  Dilan Najran
Head Girl 2013/2014:  Katie Rigelsford