Year 3 Trip to Verulamium

On Wednesday, 16th October Year 3 went to visit the Verulamium in St. Albans.  We went on a coach and it took 45 minutes for us to arrive.

First of all we went downstairs to hang our coats up and then we all went upstairs to the museum.  We watched a video which told us all about the Roman village which was very interesting.  We learnt that all of the things in the museum were very old and delicate.

Behind glass cases there were lots of Roman artefacts.  We each had a clipboard with question sheets to answer.  We had to read the information and fill in our sheets.  We were able to find out who had the highest paid job in the Roman village. It was the figure painters and the shepherds and farm labourers were paid the least.

We had amazing fun dressing up as Romans and Celts.  I wore a Roman costume.

There was a trolley with trays inside and small coloured stones.  We designed our own mosaics patterns like the large ones that were displayed on the wall.

We watched another video about the skeletons that the archaeologists had found!  They were very old; some were adults and some children.

We then went for lunch in the lunch hut.  Sadly, it then started to pour rain like cats and dogs!  We all went back into the museum to keep dry.

Our coach came and we travelled back to school.  On the way back we asked the driver politely if we could have the volume turned up to watch a film.  A perfect end to a perfect day.

Harry Moore, Year 3