Year 1 visit to The Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood

On Friday, 7th February, Year 1 travelled by tube to visit The Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green to find out more about toys from the past as part of their history topic.  First the children had a workshop to learn more about different types of toys from the past and, after discussing the different types of toys and looking at photographs, they had the chance to play with toys from the past.  They also enjoyed making their own dolls, superheroes and butterfly toys using wooden pegs and fabric.

Following their workshop the children explored the museum and worked in groups to discuss the toys they saw from the past.  There were lots of opportunities for them to play with different toys, dress up and to ride on the rocking horses, one of the highlights of the day!  The children really enjoyed the day and it enhanced their learning of understanding toys from the past.

Year 1 visit to Museum of Childhood Feb 2014

Museum of Childhood  On the train

Museum of Childhood  Rocking horse

Museum of Childhood Board games