Helping Humpty Dumpty

Foundation 1 and 2 held two performances of their spring concert ‘Helping Humpty Dumpty’ on Tuesday 4th March.  Both shows were a sell out, packed with enthusiastic parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and representatives from Redbridge Early Years and surrounding Early Years settings. 

The audience were told how a big hen laid a big egg which the King treasured.   He dressed the egg in some clothes and sat it on a wall for the entire kingdom to admire.  A family of spiders and some animals from Old McDonald’s Farm sang and made Humpty laugh.  He laughed so much that he fell off the wall and ended up in pieces.  The problem then was, how to put Humpty Dumpty together again!

The children performed with enthusiasm and confidence.  They remembered all their lines and songs, singing an encore as requested by the audience.   All their parents and teachers were very proud of them; they rose to the occasion giving a very mature performance.

 Humpty Dumpty 1 Humpty Dumpty 2 Humpty Dumpty 3Humpty Dumpty 4