Inter-House Connect 4 Tournament

During construction games we have been teaching the children in Years 1 and 2 to play Connect 4.  First they started playing within their own year groups, playing against each other within their house groups to select the players for the next round.  The game taught them not only how to play strategically and to carefully consider their moves before playing, but it also helped them to understand how to both win and lose a game graciously.

The winners from the first round in each year group were then pitted against one another. Playing against an unfamiliar year group gave the children a chance to try their skills against a new set of opponents and to learn from their peers. The children played well and fairly against one another, with the winners then going on to play the next round and so on.  In the end, only two proud semi-finalists emerged.

On Monday 24th March, 2014, Years 1 and 2 played the final of their Inter-house Connect 4 tournament in the Pre-Prep playground with their classes there to cheer them on.  After several competitive rounds, the final two players were Year 1’s Alexander Christodoulou and Year 2’s Emlyn Moodley.  After an exciting game with both finalist playing very well, the winner was Emlyn Moodley from Year 2!

Connect 4 1 Connect 4 2 Connect 4 3 Connect 4 4