Visit to Toby Carvery by Years 2 and 5

On Wednesday, 14th May, Year 2 and Year 5 paid a visit to Toby Carvery in Buckhurst Hill.  We strolled merrily to Toby Carvery where we were given paper chef hats.

We played lots of fruit and vegetable games including an alphabet game where we had to think of a fruit or vegetable for each letter of the alphabet.  The staff were really impressed with our knowledge.  Next we played a game where children were blindfolded and had to guess what fruit or vegetable they put in your hand.  I got a mushroom (it didn’t taste very nice!).

Our dinner was the best bit;  there was gammon, beef, pork, turkey, lots of delicious vegetables and huge Yorkshire puddings, not to mention the ice-cream!  After a lovely dinner we walked back to school and played a wonderful game of rounders.

Written by Ananya Vijay Year 5

Toby Carvery 1 Toby Carvery 2 Toby Carvery 3