Prize Giving

The school would like to congratulate the following children who received a prize at Prize Giving on Monday, 30th June.
During the evening, the prize winners, their parents and the School Governors and staff were treated to musical interludes from the school choir and instrumental soloists.  The awards were presented by Mr Julian Thomas, Headmaster, Caterham School, Surrey.

Pre-Prep Awards

Year 1
Attainment:  Xavier Valliani
Effort:  Theo Jayaraj
Progress:  Dannika Najran

Year 2
Attainment:  Nabeeha Chowdhury
Effort:  Aarush Jha
Progress:  Emlyn Moodley
Music:  Maya Ames

Prep Awards:

Year 3
Attainment:  Kaavya Surendra
Effort:  Luca Stancu
Progress:  Yupi Toderascu

Year 4
Attainment:  Ella Wellsman
Effort:  Maya Kumana
Progress:  Sophia Arguc

Year 5
Attainment:  Ananya Vijay
Effort:  Conor McDonald
Progress:  Samir Latif

Year 6
Attainment:  Benjamin Myers
Effort:  Kirandeep Aujla
Progress:  George Ingle
Maths:  Benjamin Myers
English:  Katie Rigelsford
Science:  Daniel Bacon
History:  Nicole Alves
Geography:  Hanna Kalo
French:  Khadija Waheed
RE:  George Ratcliff
Art:  Jannesha Cunniah
DT:  Kit Middleditch-Smith

Special Awards:
Music/Drama:  Kirandeep Aujla
Choir Award:  Francis Butterworth
Collins Cup:  Dilan Najran
Shield:  Hanna Kalo
Poetry:  Francis Butterworth
Contribution to School:  Deyan Patel
Victor Ludorum (lower Prep):  Oliver Harris
Victor Ludorum (upper Prep):  Benjamin Myers
Cavell House Captain 2012/2013:  Kit Middleditch-Smith
Churchill House Captain 2012/2013:  Pranay Panchani
Morris House Captain 2012/2013:  Francis Butterworth
Pankhurst House Captain 2012/2013:  Deyan Patel
Head Boy 2012/2013:  Dilan Najran
Head Girl 2012/2013:  Katie Rigelsford

Cavell House Captain 2013/2014:  Aliza Sheikh
Churchill House Captain 2013/2014:  Amelie Bardsley
Morris House Captain 2013/2014:  Rithvik Marreddy
Pankhurst House Captain 2013/2014:  Andrew Gooding
Head Boy 2013/2014:  Aadam Sheikh
Head Girl 2013/2014:  Zaynah Islam