Year 6 Trip to Docklands Sailing Centre

On Thursday, 4th September, Year 6 went to the Docklands Sailing Centre.  Everyone felt dynamic, as we all had no idea what to expect.  Firstly, we met our guides who gave us some life jackets to wear.  Subsequently we were put into three different groups.  My group learnt about the various parts of the sailing boat, which included the rudder, mast and tiller.  Next, in partners, we had to assemble the mast and tiller onto our boat.  After listening to the instructors we were off and sailing!  One person had to control the boat’s direction by steering in the opposite direction to which they wanted to go.  The other person could sit back and enjoy the ride while controlling the sail.  At first everyone was useless, I kept bumping into the walls, however soon enough we were almost experts!  We sailed across the clear crystal river until it was time for lunch.

After a well deserved break, my group went kayaking.  There were two to a kayak but this time we didn’t have any instructions to follow, we just raced ahead. It was really difficult to push against the strong shimmery river with our oar.  We did lots of races and travelled far into the distance.  We all got soaking wet thanks to our partners.

At the end of the day we were allowed to jump into the river.  We all launched ourselves into the freezing water!  We had a fabulous (and wet) day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

written by Zaynah Islam, Year 6

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