Trip to Chateau du Broutel, France November 2014

Twenty-nine pupils from Years 4 and 5 had the opportunity of going to the Chateau du Broutel in France for three days.  For many, it was their first residential trip away from home and in a foreign country. This brave little band was accompanied by Mrs Jones, Mr Reed and Mrs Price.

From the very start, the trip went smoothly.  Everyone behaved themselves on the coach, and the journey through the Eurotunnel was swift and quite exciting for those who had only ever travelled to France on the ferry.

Our first stop was the chocolate factory, where the children not only discovered how chocolate is made, but how jewellery is made from coco flower bulbs.  Needless to say, everyone was tempted by all the lovely sweets and the children were able to taste the delicious chocolates.

On arrival at the beautiful 18th century Chateau, the children were greeted by a friendly team of instructors who kept them occupied after their meal with the Chateau Olympics. Great fun was had by all, even though they were somewhat wet and muddy by the end of it!  Bed swiftly followed with a reasonably early start the next day.  The children were treated to a typical French breakfast of croissants and pains au chocolat, followed by a trip to the nearby town of Rue. This incorporated the history of the Chateau and the town, a quiz where the children had to remember the French names of the shops they had seen and culminated in a visit to one of the local cafes.  Each child ordered a drink or an ice-cream in French, and worked out how much to pay.

After lunch at the Chateau, it was time to go to the Christmas market in Amiens.  It is the biggest market in northern France and the children loved it! They bought lots of lovely things for their families and several of the vendors complimented the children on their ability and willingness to communicate in French.

The return home was marked by a visit to the Nausicaa sea life centre, which was quite an experience, but then, regrettably, it was time to leave to get back to Calais. Thankfully, it was an uneventful channel crossing and journey back to school with Jim, our friendly and very capable coach driver.

This trip was a huge success.  The Chateau, set in beautiful grounds, is amazing with great accommodation and the food was very good.  The children ate everything that was put in front of them which was a great relief, and French was used as much as possible during meal times.

This trip gave the children a taste of French culture and an opportunity to speak French. The children were a pleasure to be with and a real credit to Avon House School.

Mrs D Jones, Head of French

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