Inter-House Poetry Competition

Some seventy five entries to the inter-house Poetry Competition kept Mr Ireland thoroughly entertained!  A variety of styles – rhyme, acrostic and  haiku to name but three – helped to bring a host of characters to life and the winners in each category shared their verse with the school in Friday’s special assembly.

Congratulations to everybody who took part and so earned house points for their respective houses.

The results were as follows:

Foundation 1 / Foundation 2
Winner:  Ethan (Morris)
Runner Up:  Maahin (Churchill)

Year 1/Year 2
Winner:  Zachariah (Cavell)
Runner Up:  Theo (Morris)

Year 3/Year 4
Winner:  Kaavya (Pankhurst)
Runner Up:  Anika (Churchill)

Year 5/Year 6
Winner:  Amelie (Churchill)
Runners Up:  Eesa (Pankhurst) and Ananya (Churchill)