Off With Their Heads!

Year 2 was full of excitement on 24th March as the children came to school dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland.  This half term the class have been studying the book, looking at the characters and the parts they played in the story.

The class held a mock trial based around the Queen of Hearts and the stolen tarts and the children had to decide who the thief was before reading the end of the story.

They also held a Mad Hatter’s tea party where the children ate heart shaped biscuits and cakes as well as tucking into a variety of party food.  The tea party was interrupted by the dormouse who was sleeping in the large tea pot.  After tea they played croquet with flamingos and hedgehogs and built houses out of playing cards.

The best costume competition was won by Kavish who came dressed as The Mad Hatter.

Off With Their Heads 1 Off With Their Heads 2 Off With Their Heads 3 Off With Their Heads 4