Year 6 go Bowling and to Stubbers

On Tuesday 5th May, Year 6 ventured to Stratford where we enjoyed looking around and playing in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  Subsequently, we went to All Star Lanes to play two games of bowling.  At the venue, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal with dessert. We all had a brilliant and entertaining day!

The next day, we left school early to arrive at Stubbers Activity Centre.  We all had a really fabulous time there and it was great fun. Some of the activities were: jet-skiing, leap of faith, kayaking, rock climbing, all terrain boarding and many more. The days also consisted of scrumptious catering, evening entertainment and a bonfire.  The bonfire was really enjoyable and my favourite part was toasting marshmallows.  After the three awesome days, everyone was shattered but we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would love to go again!

Written by Zaynah Yr6