Year 6 Road Safety Visit

On Wednesday 20th May, we were honoured to receive a visit from two ladies who came from the Redbridge Road Safety Centre.  As we are going to secondary school soon, they talked to us about getting to school safely by using all different types of transport; be it walking or cycling, going on a bus or by car – they all contain have risks associated with them.

The two ladies told us how to be as safe as possible. For example wearing a hoodie can be dangerous because you can’t always hear the traffic or see it properly. It is fine to wear a hoodie but remember to take the hood down when crossing the road.

We also learned the different names of all the types of road crossings and that someone not wearing a seat belt in the back of a car could cause the death of someone sitting in a front seat if a crash were to happen.

Each of us were given a reflective triangle key chain to attach to our bags so we can keep safe by being seen when it is dark.

I think I should tell you how shocked I was at some of the videos we watched so my advice is to always stay safe. Take time to cross the road in a safe place – would you rather save a few minutes of time or save your life?

Ananya,  Year 6

Year 6 Road Safety