Foundation 2 Trip to the Discover Centre, Stratford

On Wednesday, 3rd June, Foundation 2 visited the Discover Centre in Stratford.  We travelled by coach and arrived in time to have an outdoor play session and our snack, the weather was lovely!  The children enjoyed climbing, sliding and playing musical instruments.  We ate lunch (always the part the children look forward to the most!) and then went into the Oliver Jeffers exhibition.

The lady from the “lost and found office” retold the story of How to Catch a Star (one we have also read in class).  The children were transported into a magical world; we saw the boy’s bedroom, the kitchen, the park and the beach.  Then the children were free to explore the whole set in search of a star to befriend.  They finally found some on the beach, and before we knew it we had to leave and return to school.

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