Mock Trial – Year 6

On Wednesday, 3rd June, Forest School came to join Year 6 in a mock trial.  Mrs Roche, who is a magistrate, came to lead the afternoon.  She gave out nine roles for people to play including a legal adviser, a crown prosecutor, and a defendant.  The rest of us had to listen to all the evidence and decide whether the defendant was guilty or not guilty.

In the end, after some discussion, the majority of us thought that the defendant was guilty of the crime.  We learnt about the punishment options that could be given and decided that he would be given a community order.  We learnt lots of useful information about the set up of the courtroom, the job roles and what happens in a trial.  We enjoyed the afternoon working with Mrs Roche and Year 6 pupils from Forest School.

Written by Ananya, Year 6

Mock Trial 1 Mock Trial 2 Mock Trial 3