Year 2 visit to Hampton Court

On Friday, 26th June, 2015 we travelled by coach to Hampton Court Place at Richmond.   When we arrived we met somebody called Sir Thomas Seymour, Jane Seymour’s brother. We learned how to bow and curtsey.  Next we acted in a play about Henry VIII divorcing Catherine of Aragon and the Pope not granting Henry VIII an annulment.

After we performed the play, we went up the Anne Boleyn stairs and into The Great Hall where the servants used to have their dinner and go to sleep.  After that we went to The Great Watching Chamber where Thomas Seymour sat on Henry’s throne and spoke to us.   Then we went to The Haunted Gallery where Sir Thomas Seymour told us the story of the ghost of Hampton Court and we stood in the corridor where the ghost was meant to be!

Once Sir Thomas Seymour had told us the ghost story we did some animation about King Henry having a party and kicking Thomas Wolsey and Catherine of Aragon out of Hampton Court and Henry celebrating he had Hampton Court all to himself!  After that my group learnt how to do some calligraphy.  Finally we explored the Tudor kitchens before having lunch. Eventually we saw the exhibition of carriages before going on the coach back to school.

We had a fabulous day!

Written by Xavier Valliani, Year 2

Hampton Court - Y2 1

Hampton Court - Y2 2