Year 4 Geography – Nigeria

On Wednesday, 17th June, we learnt about Nigeria in geography.  A kind lady from Nigeria named Jola had given Mr Hickman some of her clothes and jewellery for us to see and a sweet dish called Ogi or pap for us to try.

The clothes were merely clothes which the Nigerians wrapped around around themselves. There were also tall hats! All of their clothing had intricate patterns and various colours.

The jewellery was quite heavy and precious.  Most of the pieces were hard to put on.  Different shapes , sizes and colours of beads or metal were put together to make attractive jewellery.

Most of us were reluctant to try Ogi, as it was a mixture of sweetcorn and yogurt.   About three quarters of the class tried it and some of them asked for more.

I learnt that the poor lived in shanty towns and that Abuja is the capital of Nigeria.  I’m sure we all had an enjoyable and informative time and learnt lots about Nigeria.

Anika, Year 4