Prize Giving 2015

The school would like to congratulate the following children who received a prize at Prize Giving on Monday, 6th July.
During the evening, the prize winners, their parents and the School Governors and staff were treated to musical interludes from the school choir and instrumental soloists.  The awards were presented by Anita Anand, British radio and television presenter, journalist and alumni of Avon House School.

Pre-Prep Awards

Year 1
Attainment:  Arianne
Effort:  Erica
Progress:  Cassian

Year 2
Attainment:  Sulayman
Effort:  Kabir
Progress:  Zachariah
Music:  Uzair

Prep Awards:

Year 3
Attainment:  Aarush
Effort:  Laiba
Progress:  David

Year 4
Attainment:  Anika
Effort:  Noha
Progress:  Jack

Year 5
Attainment:  Kobika
Effort:  Alice
Progress:  William

Year 6
Attainment:  Zaynah
Effort:  Amir
Progress:  Andrew
Maths:  Ananya
English:  Rithvik
Science:  Aadam
History:  Conor
Geography:  Amir
French:  Ananya
RE:  Amelie
Art:  Amelie
DT:  Edward
Computing:  Zaynah

Special Awards:

Music/Drama:  Amelie
Choir Award:  James
Collins Cup:  Aliza
Shield:  Humayd
Poetry:  Emma
Contribution to School:  Aadam
Victor Ludorum (lower Prep):  Sheni
Victor Ludorum (upper Prep):  Aliza
Cavell House Captain 2014/2015:  Aliza
Churchill House Captain 2015/2015:  Amelie
Morris House Captain 2014/2015:  Rithvik
Pankhurst House Captain 2014/2015:  Andrew
Head Girl 2014/2015:  Zaynah
Head Boy 2014/2015:  Aadam

Cavell House Captain 2015/2016:  Kobika
Churchill House Captain 2015/2016:  Ella
Morris House Captain 2015/2016:  Emma
Pankhurst House Captain 2015/2016:  Alice
Head Boy 2015/2016:  Alejandro
Head Girl 2015/2016:  Maya