Year 6 trip to Docklands Sailing Centre

On Thursday 10th September Year 6 went to the Docklands Sailing Centre.

On arrival we were placed in two groups and also partners.  I was so lucky to be in ‘Team Gorgeous’ and be partnered with Mr Biston. (I thought I would have a slight advantage because of his strength but it was all evened out, as with him on board our canoe weighed more than most!)

Our first activity was canoeing and the instructors guided us through the procedures for this activity.  Once on our own we mainly bumped into every other canoe, but it was fun.

For the second part of the day we had sailing I thought this was much harder than canoeing. Apparently so did William and Alejandro as these were the only two who fell in!

At the end of the day we all jumped in and got soaking wet.

What a fun day Year 6 had.

By Maya Kumana, Head Girl


The Centre is a really good place for adults and children to learn to sail and kayak.

When we arrived we were split into two groups, one group sailed first and the other group went kayaking.  We were all placed in pairs and stayed in the same pair throughout the day.

I was placed with William and we took part in the kayaking first.  After lunch we took part in the sailing.  Near the end of the day we started playing games, like standing up in the boat or kayak.

After the activities the coaches let us all jump in the freezing water (well we did have life jackets on!).

Year 6 had a wonderful time at the Docklands Sailing Center.

By Alejandro Sotelo-Tapias, Head Boy

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