Lowry Week

This week the whole school has embarked on a mission to discover more about the artist L S Lowry.  Through all areas of the curriculum the children have explored his paintings as well as his life and the area that is so famously depicted in his works.

Our children have collaborated with pupils from St Antony’s Primary School in drama and art.  The school hall has been turned into a display space exhibiting the work the children have been doing.   A short film has also been created to showcase the children’s work and experiences which was shared in assembly on Friday morning.

Download our Lowry Week newsletter here Lowry newsletter

Lowry Week in Year 6 by Kobika:

On Monday, we had an assembly where Mrs. Campbell talked to us about L.S. Lowry: where he lived, what he did etc.

On Tuesday, we looked at around what time he was born in the morning.  Later, during Geography, we looked at his home place and tried to draw our own Lowry style painting. Soon we were onto French where we were shown a painting done by Lowry.  We had to name some things we could see in the picture, but we had to say it in French. This was fun!

On Wednesday, Year 6 continued with our perspective drawings in art.  Later that day, in the afternoon, we had a man who used to act in Stomp, to do some dance routines with us. This was awesome!!! We were taught one unison dance where Years 5 and 6 danced together then we were split into groups of around 5 people and we had to come up with our own dance. We had to include a few things: a section in unison (everyone in the group does the same thing), a section containing a cannon (for example something like The Mexican Wave) and lastly we all had to have one solo each (this was our time to shine!).  We had 1hr and 30min for all of this.  Soon the rest of the school came to watch our group performances as well as our whole two class performance. That part was funny because the man told us to get faster every time but eventually we got to the right speed. It was a great and amusing day!

On Thursday, we learnt a few facts about Lowry in English.  Afterwards three children (Kobika, Freya and Alejandro) went to the Art Room to do some art with some St. Anthony pupils.  We drew some buildings and people then stuck them onto some card to look like people and buildings in an industrial scene.

On Friday, the whole school had an assembly when each class to talked about what they’d done in Lowry Week.

This week was really fun and I hope the rest of the school enjoyed it too.

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