Trip to Barclays ATP World Tour Finals

On Thursday, 19th November, 8 lucky children (Kobika, Ella, Venaya, Sam, Adam, Nayan, Finlay and Zaki) along with Mr Evans and Miss Weeks went to see the Barclays ATP Day 5 at the O2 Arena.

When we got to the O2 we were amazed by its size.  Inside, as we were early, we had some fun.  We went to the fan zone where we could see tennis players practising.  Also we each got a turn inside a ticket machine where we had 35 seconds to grab as many tickets as we could.  I got the highest score out of the eight children, which was 50.  As I got 50 tickets I won a ball, a sticker and a phone case!

Afterwards we went to watch the tennis in the O2 tennis court.  The first match was a doubles between Boppana and Mergea in one team and Fabio and Atelia in the other.  Boppana and Mergea won by 1 set.

The next match was a singles match between Federer and Nishikori.  The match was breath taking as Federer was in the lead but Nishikori caught up with Federer and it was very close.  Federer did win but Nishikori gave it his all on the tennis court.

After Federer’s interview we left.  Sadly, just as we left, one of the security told us that two minutes ago Andy Murray was walking from the practice courts!  What an unlucky chance.

I thought it was a great experience and would love to go again.

Barclays ATP visit