A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ being published, Year 2 have studied the book in detail in a variety of subjects over the last half term.  As a finale to our topic we hosted our very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

The day began with the children all coming to school dressed as one of the characters from the book. We had lots of Alices and Mad Hatters with a few White Rabbits, Kings and Queens of Hearts, Cheshire Cats and even a Dormouse!  The children all looked wonderful.

The day began by creating a poster to advertise the tea party and the main event was held in the afternoon. The children entered the hall to see a spectacular table set up for their tea party, with rabbit and cupcake shaped sandwiches, playing card pizza, jam tarts and amazing cupcakes that looked like Alice had fallen down the rabbit hole! After the wonderful tea party Year 2 played a game of flamingo croquet and we hoped we played well enough that the Queen of Hearts would not shout “Off with your head!”

“My favourite part was playing flamingo croquet” – George

“My favourite part was when the Knave of Hearts (Mr Evans) kept stealing the marshmallows and jam tarts !” – Asia

Alice Y2 1 Alice Y2 2 Alice Y2 3