Year 5 visit All Saints Church

On Thursday, 25th February, Year 5 made a visit to All Saints’ church as part of their RE lesson. We had been learning about Jesus and his well known parables. At the church, we met Sophie and Liselle, who talked to us about some of the parables Jesus told. They then acted out one of them but with a funny twist! After that we had a go at acting them out. Each group had a bag full of props which we could incorporate into our ‘mini play’.

Our group was given the story ‘The Good Samaritan’ which was about a traveller who had been attacked by a gang of robbers. There was a priest and a lawyer who left the man lying on the road. But then a Samaritan came along and helped him even though they were enemies. The moral of the parable was to help someone who is in need even if you aren’t that fond of them.

When the time came, we stood up to perform our ‘mini play’ to the rest of the class. Each group had a turn and everyone enjoyed them and we had lots of fun while practising and performing. Sophie and Liselle discussed each moral and message of the story with us and we all participated because it was exciting. The whole of Year 5 had lots of fun and we are all grateful to Sophie and Liselle for a great, educational workshop.

Kaavya Y5

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