Connect-4 Competition

This term, Year 1 and Year 2 took part in an exciting Connect-4 competition where all children competed against each other, with the winner gaining a place in the next round. The rounds continued with some very close results throughout the competition.

After many rounds it came down to just two competitors, Hayden and myself.  It was a nail-biting final watched by all of Year 2.  The final was the best of three rounds.  I won the first match and Hayden won the second match. That meant the third match was the most important; whoever won the match won the entire competition! It was very tense with a lot of thought from both players trying to decide where to place their counter. In the end I spotted a free space that meant I had Connect-4!  I was so thrilled to have won.

I would like to congratulate Hayden on a fantastic match, and I would also like to thank all the staff for my prize – I’ll be able to keep practising now!

By Asia, Year 2