Year 2 visit the Tower of London

On Wednesday, 16th March Year 2 visited the Tower of London as a finale to their topic on London.  The children travelled by tube to Tower Hill and then walked to the Tower of London, where they started to spot some of the famous London landmarks that they have been learning about, including Tower Bridge, the Gherkin and the Shard.

Upon arrival the children began to look around the Tower of London and enjoyed seeing some of the wonderful sights at the Tower.  They saw the famous ravens that are kept in the Tower, the Crown Jewels as well as the armour that was worn by many famous people.

After lunch the children took part in a workshop entitled ‘Fire! Fire!’ where they were involved in retelling the story of the Great Fire of London, and the role that the Tower of London had to play.

Tower of London 1 Tower of London 2 Tower of London 3