Years 2 ‘A Right Royal Occasion’ Wow Day

On Tuesday, 19th April, Year 2 started their summer term topic with a big WoW event. This term Year 2 are exploring the Tudors.

A jousting tournament was held in the playground and the hildren competed against each other dressed as Knights of the Realm.

“I really enjoyed the jousting competition.  We dressed as knights and used a lance and a shield.  We galloped on our pretend horses to try and hit the other persons shield.”    Shona

“I wore armour and held a shield and lance as I jousted.  My friends cheered as I galloped in my race. We all cheered loudly.”    Tarun

“I really enjoyed the jousting tournament.  I enjoyed dressing up and running fast.  It was really funny to hit my friends shield.”        Richard

At the end of the project a finale banquet will be held.  The Year 2 class are really excited about this term’s topic.

Y2 Jousting 1 Y2 Jousting 2 Y2 Jousting 3 Y2 Jousting 4 Y2 Jousting 5