NED Assembly

On Friday 24th June 2016 Jessica, from the NED company, came to our school and told us a story with the help of some amazing tricks she knew how to do with her yo-yos. She told us what NED’s name stood for.

N= Never Give up!   E= Encourage others! D= Do your best!

She also said that if someone told her the best reason NED’s name would help us in the future, then they would get a prize. Three children including me gave a reason to Jessica. They were all great reasons but who would get the prize?

It was a hard decision but when I heard my name I was bewildered and a bit frightened. I walked to the front and was bit curious to find out what would happen next. Jessica gave me a balloon hat and a yo-yo. We have a yo-yo sale from Monday to Friday in the Prep playground selling all of the yo-yos used in the NED assembly .

Aarush, Year 4