Avon House Great British Bake Off

What a fabulous end to the first half of a very busy term!  Children of all ages came into school this morning excitedly holding their bakes, ready to be judged in the Avon House Great British Bake Off.  The judges arrived at playtime and took over 3 hours to look at and taste all 97 entries.

Winners are as follows:

1st Place – Zak
2nd Place – Martha

1st Place – Chloe
2nd Place – Eisa

1st Place – Maya
2nd Place – Alex

1st Place – Sheni
2nd Place – Gabriela

1st Place – Miss Gray
2nd Place – Mr Bowers

Everyone should be proud of their fantastic efforts in helping to support the Morris charity, CRY.  We raised £415.

Many thanks for all your hard work and support.

Mrs Taggart
Morris House Leader

bake-off-1 bake-off-2 bake-off-3