Poetry and Reading Competitions

This week we have held the Poetry and Reading Competitions and the results were announced in assembly on Friday.

The reading competition was judged by former Avon House teacher Mrs. Ellis who commended all the children she heard read on Wednesday.  She mentioned that the standard of reading this year was extremely high and, as a result, adjudicating was an extremely hard job.  However, she did eventually find winners in each year who each received a £10 book token. These winners were as follows:
F1 – Elijah
F2 – Siya
Years 1/2 – Asmita
Years 3/4 – Michaela
Years 5/6 – Krishan
The house winners were Cavell House

In the Poetry Competition we were lucky enough to be able to draw on the talents of former Head Teacher Mr. Ireland.  There was an enormous response from the children to the task of writing a poem which was loosely based on a Roald Dahl theme.  Mr. Ireland had quite a job sifting through each entry but eventually judged the following to be the winners who also each received a £10 book token:
F1 – Sienna
F2 – Maiya
Years 1/2 – Freyja
Years 3/ 4 – Zachariah F
Years 5/6 – Lakshmi
The house winners were Churchill House

Mr. Ireland also sent us a poem he had written which was read out in the assembly as an inspiration to all the children.

Our thanks go to both Mrs. Ellis and Mr. Ireland for their time and big congratulations to the winners of both competitions.

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