Our Teaching Team


Teaching staff page imageThe dedicated and professional teaching team work hard, enabling our pupils to achieve to the best of their ability.


Head Teacher:  Mrs A Campbell  (DSL)
Deputy Head:  Mr G Biston  (DSL)
Head of Pre-Prep Dept:  Mrs R Telling (DSL)
SENCO:  Mrs E Wratten

Year Teachers

Early Years

Foundation 1 Puffins:  Mrs J Chambers
Foundation 2 Mallards:  Mr A Hapgood
Foundation 2 Kingfishers: Mrs D Leyonmarck


Pre-Prep – Key Stage 1

Year 1 Cranes:  Mrs R Telling (DSL)
Year 1 Pelicans: Miss N Christey
Year 2 Herons:  Mrs C Suckling  (Geography Co-Ord)
Year 2 Flamingos: Miss N Bishop


Prep – Key Stage 2

Year 3:  Miss J Maisuria
Year 3: Mrs S Taggart (RE/PHSEE Co-Ord)
Year 4:  Mr A Bowers
Year 5: Miss B Morley (Science Co-Ord)
Year 5:  Mr D Reed
Year 6:  Mrs C Britton (Head of Prep)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Barry
Ms Andrews
Mrs G Geisler  (Health and Safety Officer)
Ms A Heath
Mrs H Ramshaw
Miss C Lambert
Miss J Moles
Mrs O’Connor
Mrs S Price  (DSP)  (Health and Welfare Officer)
Miss C Rooks
Miss E Rooks
Miss Goodman
Miss L Varah
Miss K Weeks
Miss S Young
Miss J Dade
Miss J Donnelly
Mr E Hickman



Specialist Staff

Mrs C Britton (Maths)
Mr G Biston (Computing, Sport) (DSP)
Mrs P Clarkson  (Art)
Mr J Evans (Sport)
Mrs D Jones  (French)
Mr D Reed (English)
Mr S Turner (Sports Coach)
Miss G Usher  (Art)
Miss C Beckett  (Swimming)
Mrs K Johnson (Swimming)
Mr P Norris (Swimming)
Mrs C Beckett (Head of Music)
Mr S Brooker  (Peripatetic music teacher)
Mr D Cook  (Peripatetic music teacher)
Mr J Davis  (Peripatetic music teacher)
Mrs M Jackson  (Peripatetic music teacher)
Mr Alexander (Peripatetic music teacher)
Mrs D Wright (Peripatetic music teacher)
School Bursar: Mr N Best
School Administrator:  Mrs E Porter
School Secretary:  Mrs L Kennedy
School Marketing: Mrs A Atherton

Accountants: Pawley & Malyon, 14 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HE

All staff are first aid trained and have had anaphylaxis training

A list of staff qualifications is available from the school office