Pastoral Care and House System

Our Philosophy

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Our philosophical foundation is based on the belief that:

“Avon House is a family, concerned for the happiness and general well-being of all.  Celebrating and supporting every pupil begins with self-esteem, honesty, fairness, integrity, respect for oneself and respect for others.  In our happy, secure environment the emphasis is placed on each child being recognised as a valued individual.  We hope our pupils will develop their full potential in both academic and non-academic fields, with a strong moral understanding of truth, equality and humanity.  We aim to give our pupils life-enhancing strategies to build on as they progress towards the adult world.”


Pastoral Care

The well-being of all our children is very important.  The class teacher monitors both academic progress and the general well-being of every child.  The class teacher is the first point of contact if parents wish to discuss any aspects of their child’s progress.  The Head Teacher chairs the Pastoral Care team which consists of the four Heads of House who meet regularly to discuss welfare issues of the children.


House System

Avon House operates a house system throughout the school.  The houses are named after famous people with a local connection:  Cavell, Churchill, Morris and Pankhurst.  House points can be awarded for class work as well as sporting achievements and inter-house competitions etc.  Each house nominates a local charity which they support with a fundraising event during the year.  The houses are each led by a member of staff and a House Captain, elected from  Year 6, who encourage the children to participate in house events.  Further information about the different houses can be found under the Pupils dropdown.