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Year 2 visit to Hampton Court

On Friday, 26th June, 2015 we travelled by coach to Hampton Court Place at Richmond.   When we arrived we met somebody called Sir Thomas Seymour, Jane Seymour’s brother. We learned how to bow and curtsey.  Next we acted in a play about Henry VIII divorcing Catherine of Aragon and the Pope not granting Henry VIII an annulment. Continue reading

Healthy Living Week

Healthy Living Week started on Monday, 15th June with a lively assembly led by the school’s Eco and Travel Council who challenged pupils to ‘Make One Change’ during the week.  They could ‘Park and Stride’ to school, or give up a pudding or sweet for some fruit or vegetables. Continue reading

Mock Trial – Year 6

On Wednesday, 3rd June, Forest School came to join Year 6 in a mock trial.  Mrs Roche, who is a magistrate, came to lead the afternoon.  She gave out nine roles for people to play including a legal adviser, a crown prosecutor, and a defendant.  The rest of us had to listen to all the evidence and decide whether the defendant was guilty or not guilty. Continue reading

Foundation 2 Trip to the Discover Centre, Stratford

On Wednesday, 3rd June, Foundation 2 visited the Discover Centre in Stratford.  We travelled by coach and arrived in time to have an outdoor play session and our snack, the weather was lovely!  The children enjoyed climbing, sliding and playing musical instruments.  We ate lunch (always the part the children look forward to the most!) and then went into the Oliver Jeffers exhibition. Continue reading