Fairtrade Sale

Year 5 were excited to lead the Fairtrade break sale on Tuesday as part of ‘Fairtrade fortnight’. In Geography, they designed posters to persuade others to purchase Fairtrade produce and learnt about the journey of a banana from producer to consumer. Mrs Fairy enlisted their help to make banana milkshakes for the sale. They enjoyed running the stall and informing other year groups about the significance of Fairtrade. At lunch time, the children enjoyed tasting Fairtrade fruits and playing games about the organisation with the help of Year 5 pupils. In total, the children raised £78 which will go towards the promotion of Fairtrade products in school.100_6796 (2)

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Year 3 visit Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

portsmouth image 1portsmouth image 2On Tuesday 21st February, Year 3 visited Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Here, they participated in a workshop all about ‘life as a sailor’ and had a look around HMS Warrior and HMS Victory – two Royal Navy ships. They were amazed at the size of these impressive battle ships.


Year 5 visit All Saints Church

To tie in with their RE topic, on Thursday 23rd February, Year 5 visited our local church. Here they learned about Jesus and his importance to Christian people. Working in groups of 4, they re-enacted parables told by Jesus and stories about him that are found in the bible.


‘This was the best RE lesson ever!’ Maya

‘I want to go back to the church again!’ Benyaminimage 2image 3

image 1

ISA National Hockey Competition


On a blisteringly cold Thursday the Avon House boys hockey team took part in the ISA national hockey competition at the Olympic park. The boys faced stiff opposition as teams had travelled from far and wide to take part in the event.

As the snow fell Avon House started their first match in the competition against Ashton House; the team played well hitting the post twice in the first half before converting a silky passing move to end the half leading by one goal.  In the second half Avon House looked to assert their dominance on the game and controlled possession throughout capitalising on forced errors and securing their first win of the day.

The second game saw the team play against The Park School from Yeovil; again the boys dominated possession, however, their opposition were extremely determined and the half ended goalless.  The second half saw a renewed effort from both team and the deadlock was broken less than two minutes in and saw Avon House take the ascendancy.  A second quickly followed and the boys began to relax; this error let The Park School back into the game with a sweetly struck shot from the edge of the D.  The final minute was tense but a now refocussed Avon House proved too much for their opposition, finally winning 2-1.

The final game of the pool saw Avon House take on Lingfield Notre Dame; at this point both teams were unbeaten and vying for top spot in the group. It proved to be a tense affair with possession switching back and fore throughout the match. Within the final minutes of the match Lingfield managed to break through the Avon House defence and despite a valiant attempt the final score was a 1-0 loss.

With all the initial pool games completed Avon House sat second in the group and into the cup side of the competition.

The cup competition started with a game against Western School; a fearlessly competitive match which had everything! Great defence, super attacking, physicality, strategy and a dubious goal; this concoction of events resulted in Avon House winning their third game and making a winning start to the Cup competition.

The next match saw Avon House pitted against Alleyn Court School; both sides played exceedingly well, with defence negating attack on both sides.  By the end of the match neither side had managed to break through and the game ended in stalemate.

The final match of the Cup qualifiers to play it was a winner take all event, up for grabs a place in the final. Langley Prep were the opponents and both teams were ready for the show down.  Both sides probed for openings during the first half; a well struck penalty corner saw Langley take the lead just before half time.  Though they played with great determination the boys could not break through Langley’s defence and the match ended as a 0-1 loss.

However the hard work and effort the team displayed provided them with a pleasing forth position finish.  I would like to congratulate them for their efforts and determination.

‘School in a Bag’ Pankhurst House Charity Fundraiser








Thank you to everybody who helped Pankhurst to raise an excellent total of £463 for the ‘School in a Bag’ appeal. The stationery sale was a huge success and everybody was able to stock up their pencil cases! Twenty three disadvantaged children around the world will now be given a school bag full of supplies to benefit their education. Congratulations to Anjani in Year 3 for winning the stationery hamper and to all of the other raffle winners.

Stratford Music Festival

Festival 1
Festival 5







On Monday 6th January the prep school choir performed at the Stratford Music Festival.

After a warm up in the hall, we walked to the church and saw our rivals waiting to begin!

We competed against Richard Alibon School’s Junior Choir who sung ‘Ten Thousand Reasons’ and ‘Silver Trumpet’.  We also competed against Christchurch School’s Chamber Choir who sung ‘Shoes’ and ‘This Old Man’.  This was our first category.  We sung ‘Only One World’ and ‘Baby Jesus Sleeps’.  We got to bring home the Radio Basildon Cup!

After a short break whilst Oaklands School Choir, Selwyn Primary School Choir and St Aubyn’s School Junior Chamber Choir performed, we  competed against Christchurch Chamber Choir who sang ‘The Skater Waltz’ and ‘Feeling Groovy’.  We also completed against Mead Singers who sung ‘Im Feeling Happy’ and ‘When Morning Comes’.  Unfortunately we didn’t win this round but tied with Mead Singers.  We sang our best with the songs ‘You Can’t Dodge the Census’ and ‘Ademius’.

It was a great day.  Well done to all choir members.

Rae -Lei Prince & Noha Saleem

Year 5 visit Al Noor Islamic School








On Wednesday 8th Februa100_6673ry, Year 5 visited Al Noor Primary School in Redbridge as part of ‘Islam Awareness Week’. During the visit, they met pupils and teachers who taught them about the Islamic faith. They also had a go at writing their names in Arabic and creating colourful geometric art patterns. Upon entering the prayer room, everyone removed their shoes and took part in a question and answer session with Ms Butt, the head teacher.


St Edmund’s Hockey Tournament

On Saturday 4th February we set off as a team to play the St Edmunds Boys Hockey Tournament.

Our team had Brandon, Adam Harif, Nayan, Scott, Tristan, Dharmadev and Sam the goal keeper.

Our 1st match was difficult against the St Edmund’s A team which we lost 3-1.  Striker Nayan scored an excellent goal!

Keeping our spirits up, we won 3-2 in the next match against Howe Green as Sam made some great saves and we all decided to ‘dig in’.

Adam Harif, Dharmadev, Scott and Brandon kept their defence strong and the 3 strikers Tristan, Nayan and I,  worked together very well.  Tristan did some good crosses from right wing enabling Nayan to score two goals.  Nayan also did some good passing, allowing me to score a goal too.

After that long tiring game we decided to get our fluids in as we had a long break.  We got into the semi-finals against St Aubyn’s School but sadly we lost 3-0.

Our next match was our final play off against R.A.b and we lost 1-0.  Dharmadev and Adam were especially good in defence as Dharmadev saved a goal from going in with his stick and Adam pushed the balls up to the strikers.  Brandon, who had never played a hockey tournament, got a great experience of nearly scoring a goal after a great run.  Tristan also got to take a shot at goal but the goalkeeper was very challenging.

Finally, after all that playing we received our certificates.  Sam and Brandon got the all star players award.  Overall we came fourth in the whole tournament.

I would like to thank Mrs Price, Mr Biston, Mr Evans and Mrs Campbell for all coming to support us and the parents that came to watch.

Tej Mody, Hockey Captain

Daisy swims in ISA National Swimming Finals!

Daisy Swimming November 2016On Saturday 21st January 2017 I swam for London North in the ISA National swimming finals.  I swam for the school at Barnet in a team.  I came 2nd in front crawl and 3rd in backstroke.  I got silver and bronze medals.  That is how I got into the national finals.

When I got to the finals the atmosphere was incredible!  I had to wait a long while for my race. I was in the 67th race.

About 10 minutes before my race I went into the holding room.  The girls in my relay were so nice and supportive.  Finally my race came.  I had to swim 50 metres.  I was on the third leg.  When the race started I was super nervous.  I was in the front crawl girls relay.

After the race they showed us where we came.  We came 5th place out of 10 teams.  It was an amazing day overall.

Thank you to Mrs Campbell, Mr & Mrs Taggart  who came to support me.  It was amazing to represent both the school and North London and I hope to do it again.

Daisy Shand 4ST