Eco Council

Eco Council PictureThe Avon House Eco Council is made up of children from Years 2-6.  The Council works to help the school achieve a greater contribution to recycling, reducing waste and re-using things wherever possible.  We have received the Silver Eco School Award for our work.

We meet each half term to decide on projects to be tackled.  We also spend some time researching various topics.  Year 6 lead the way working with some of the younger Council members and supervise the paper recycling for the whole school.

Our kitchens recycle tins etc and we have a healthy, eco-friendly school garden complete with vegetables, a compost bin and a water butt.

This year we are working towards the Healthy Schools Bronze Award.

Eco Council members for 2017-2018 are:

Year 2 Flamingos: Talisa
Year 2 Herons: Eesa
Year 3JM: Chloe
Year 3ST: Zakaria
Year 4: Imani & Suryansh
Year 5DR: Jackie
Year 5RM:  Lore
Year 6:  Sam & Benjamin