Key Stage 2 – Years 3-6

Key Stage 2 image


At the Key Stage 2 level, our dedicated teachers follow the National Curriculum Guidelines, extending the curriculum where appropriate for our pupils.  Class sizes of 22 and below help in this respect.  However, to ensure our pupils have the best possible education for their needs, children are given 1:1 support within the lesson where appropriate and if further support is required additional staff will be used to support the individual child.

Core Subjects  Literacy and Numeracy form the cornerstones of the Avon House curriculum but our aim is to remember the true meaning of ‘education’ and so lead the pupils into a wide range of exciting subject areas.  Children are split into groups based on ability ensuring each child is learning at an appropriate pace and getting the greatest benefits from the lessons.

ICT is incorporated into all subjects in the curriculum and classes have the use of our ICT suite.    All classrooms are equipped with an inter-active whiteboard which are widely used across the whole curriculum.

Science at Key Stage 2 builds on the foundations laid in Key Stage 1.  This is where the children can carry out their own experiments, inferring their own conclusions and understanding the relevance of their discoveries to the world in which they live.

Humanities/Languages   Our curriculum planning ensures that pupils are introduced to History, Geography, French, Religious Education, Current Affairs and topic work at the appropriate stage in their development.

Art and Design Technology  All children are encouraged to express themselves freely in art and design.  We aim to promote a sense of appreciation for all forms of art and to encourage the children to develop their natural flair and originality.

Music and Drama  Our music department offers pupils a weekly lesson incorporating singing, music appreciation, theory and drama.  Each class produces an annual musical production to which parents are invited.

Sport  Games and PE lessons feature a wide range of sports and are led by suitably qualified, experienced staff.  The Woodford Wells Club, adjacent to school, offers ample space for team games and Avon House is fortunate to be able to swim in the pool at Bancroft’s School each week.  House competitions and inter-school matches take place each term and pupils can also pursue particular sporting interests in after-school clubs which operate on a daily basis from 3.30 – 4.30 pm.