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Inter House Cross Country

Posted: 18th October 2017

On Friday 29th September the annual Prep School Inter-House cross-country competition took place during the afternoon Games periods. There had been light rain earlier in the morning but it had brightened up and so all of the Prep School and staff walked to Woodford Green Cricket Club to face a challenging course, consisting of triangular laps around the Winston Churchill statue.

Proudly wearing their house colour vests, Year 3 ran first in a two lap race. Charlie came home first in an impressive 7 mins 17 secs; fully 43 seconds ahead of Stephen, with Jure 3rd. Chene was the quickest girl, finishing 6th.

In the Year 4 race, Ibby retained his crown, completing three laps in 10 mins and 43 secs, narrowly ahead of Richard, with George claiming the bronze. Mariam was the first girl to finish, coming 7th.

By now the staff and and a throng of parents were eyeing the skies with trepidation, hoping that the BBC weather forecasters were also on top of their game and that it would still remain dry, as predicted.

Alas, it was not to be and the heavens opened with the rain lashing down. Umbrellas were in short supply and those prudent well-equipped adults were suddenly very popular!

Cross country just isn’t cricket, play must go on and Years 5 and 6 stoically approached the start line with a minimum of fuss and cajoling. However, as a concession to the squelchy, slippery conditions underfoot, the race was reduced from four laps to three.

Brandon won, followed by Kabir and Sam respectfully whilst Dannika was the quickest girl.

Cross-country is primarily a team competition and every runner (and the place they secured) contributed to their house’s cumulative total.

Years 3 and 4 Result

1st = Churchill and Pankhurst tied on 117 points; 3rd Morris with 143 points 4th Cavell with 145 points.

Years 5 and 6 Result

1st Morris with 251 points; 2nd Pankhurst with 272 points; 3rd Churchill with 318 points and 4th Cavell on 330 points

Overrall Result

The above sub-totals are combined meaning that in 4th place came Cavell on 475 points; in 3rd place on 435 points were Churchill and …..with only FIVE points separating them, ……..the runners-up were Morris on 394 points, whilst the victors were Pankhurst on 389 points.

Pankhurst therefore retain their status as Cross Country champions for another year.

There were some excellent performances with all children trying hard and clearly enjoying the challenge posed. Many thanks to all who came and spectated, I know your support was appreciated by runners and staff alike. Well done to an intrepid team of marshals, timers, scorers, First Aiders, photographers and “hares’’ running with the children, for ensuring a safe and hugely enjoyable afternoon.

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