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Science Day – 21st Nov 2017

Posted: 8th March 2018

On Tuesday 21st November all the children at Avon house transformed into Super Scientists and participated in our Science Day. The day started with an exciting assembly by a visiting scientist-Boffin Rebecca. Rebecca enthralled the children with explosions, magical colour changing liquid and flaming paper that disappeared!

This was a great way to begin and all the children were excited for their day ahead.
Each class participated in a work shop, led by Boffin Rebecca. F2-Y3 participated in a Super Hero workshop. Here, they made renewable energy using citrus fruit, looked at how to filter dirty water to make it clean and learnt all about sustainability. Year 4-6 participated in a Human Body workshop. They learnt all about the route food takes through our digestive system and even made their own (replica) blood at the end of the session!

The Pre-Prep children participated in some great collaborative work, with F1 working with Y2 and F2 working with Y1. The children took part in a carousel of activities, where they made volcanoes erupt, created a sandwich bag explosion and solved a crime by taking finger prints and examining these using magnifying glasses.

Prep School
In the Prep School, Year 3 had a fantastic fun filled day of science! They started the day by looking at famous scientists and the children were particularly impressed when they heard how Alexander Fleming discovered antibiotics by observing mould! They then had a go at making ice cream using… salt!! The children also had a go at playing with ‘Boom Whackers’ and discussed how the length of them affects the sound and vibrations. Overall, Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their day of science and had fun taking part in all of the activities.
In Year 4, the children started the day by making dancing snakes by creating static electricity from tin foil and their own hair! This was followed by a colour explosion, using skittles and water. The colours blead into the water and interesting patterns were created by using straws to move the mixture around.

In Years 5 and 6, the children joined into their house groups and participated in a carousel of 4 different activities. With Mrs Britton, they experimented with different bases and acids-all with smelly cabbage water (yuck!) Up in the Art rom, the children made moving picture books. With Mr Reed, the children looked at making giant bubbles, optical illusions and made patterns with milk and food colouring. Lastly, the children made different types of paper aeroplanes and investigated which ones flew the furthest, based on the air resistance of different shapes planes.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their science day, really putting their scientific brains to work!

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