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Father’s Day Butty & Brew

Posted: 15th June 2018


As the wind blew through the branches of the tree in the prep playground on Thursday morning excited whispers and laughing could be heard throughout the school.  This to many may seem an average day at Avon House though the voices on this occasion were much deeper.

A que of Dads stretched from the hall to the front gate each eagerly awaiting signs that the hall was about to open and that freshly cook delights would be served. Children struggled to escape to the playground with each dad insisting that they remain with them (for each knew that there was no entry without a child in tow).

After queuing for what in my case seemed an eternity we made it inside; the hall was filled with the smells of freshly cooked breakfast rolls and the sound of raucous conversation.  I have to say it was a pleasure to welcome so many Dads into school this morning and to note that all 110 children in attendance behaved perfectly under the watchful eyes of their fathers …at this point Mrs Campbell wishes me to note that both Dads and children were in a confined space under the watchful eyes of fifteen members of female staff… however, a great time was had by all and I wish to thank all of you in attendance for this father’s day celebration.

Mr Biston

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