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Paul Sturgess visit

Posted: 22nd March 2019


Monday started on a high, literally. Paul Sturgess the UK’s tallest basketball player made a special visit to Avon House to inspire them to play some basketball. But it wasn’t just about basketball; he conveyed two messages to the children. Firstly how important it is to take part in some sort of physical exercise every day and secondly to eat a healthy diet. He suggested a colourful plate is a good plate of food. Paul explained to the children about his life and how he had travelled across the world playing basketball. It was great to see Paul talk about how his life has been different, but how he embraced it and explained to the children how everyone is different and to follow your dreams and ambitions to become whatever you want to be. The children all got to have a basketball session where they learned some crucial ball skills and some tricks. The staff even got involved and volunteered to spin the ball on their finger. We had such a great day and the children haven’t stopped talking about it. We thank Paul for his time and hope it inspired everybody.

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