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F2 WOW Day

Posted: 15th January 2020


Ten Green Bottles

Foundation 2 returned to school with smiles and sprang into their Spring Term topic, looking at ways they can recycle more, reuse or reduce the wastage around them.

Kingfishers and Mallards enjoyed hearing the story of ‘Ten Things I Can Do To Help My World’, sharing ideas with each other in what they can do at home and in school to save their planet.

During the afternoon, everyone created models of the earth, created recycled material pictures and played topic games around recycling.

Below are some examples of what children have learnt from this topic.


‘I made a picture with cardboard. I can help save the planet by reusing things.’ – Neel

‘I painted a world. We need to turn off the lights when we leave a room.’ – Anaya

‘We should put rubbish in the bin when we’re out and not on the floor. – Aaron

‘If I use both sides of the paper, it will use less and help save the Planet.’ – Hannah

‘I like WOW day. I learnt about turning the tap off when I brush my teeth.’ – Achyuth

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