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Women in History Day

Posted: 5th February 2020


On Women in History Day Foundation 1 celebrated the life of Florence Nightingale. She was born in Florence, Italy in 1820. Florence is famous for changing nursing from untrained to a highly skilled profession.

After listening to a story about the life of Florence Nightingale the children completed a colouring and a sticking picture highlighting the way she improved nursing. In the afternoon we carried out role-play where a multitude of Florence’s helped a lot of very sick patients. There were lots of bandages, plasters and calls of “Florence, come and help me please.”

“She had a lamp.” Aiden

“She was a nurse.” Nia

“She looked after all the soldiers.” Krish

“She used medicine.” Yameena

“All doctors and nurses must have clean hands.” Kaelan

“Lady of the lamp.” Arjun

“They wash hands really well.”Ehsaan

“They don’t have any Electricity.” Keira

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