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Full School WOW Day

Foundation Two

The Kingfishers and Mallards had a wonderful WOW day exploring our new topic Space.   In the morning, the children did a sound meditation where they were listening to space music and talked about what images they saw in their head. After that, they received an email from an alien who wants to be their pen-pal! Since the Alien didn’t have an Earth name that we could understand, the children made a poll to decide what to call the alien.

The Kingfisher’s alien is called Bob and the Mallard’s Alex.

The aliens sent their alphabet too, so that the children could write their names with alien letters.

The rest of the day the children explored alien food and foam gardens with ice flowers, they wrote letters to their new alien friends, played in their new Space Station, watched clips about living in zero gravity and dressed up as Astronauts.

At the end of the day, the children made a mind map of things they already know about their new topic and what they want to learn more about. It was a very busy but fun day!


 Year One

Year 1 had a wonderful WOW day to introduce their topic ‘Once Upon a Story.’  In the morning the children created shape castles in Maths. This was followed by a fairy-tale treasure hunt where they worked in pairs to find the clues and then guess the fairy tale, before revealing the five fairy books we will be focusing on this term.

In Literacy the children did some alphabetical ordering of Fairy tale books. Later, they enjoyed a special trip to the theatre to watch a wonderful performance of Peter Pan!

The children enjoyed all the exciting activities and it has enabled them to become fully engaged with their new topic this term!