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On Friday 22nd September, we were visited by the NSPCC. The children met Buddy, the NSPCC mascot, and took part in different assemblies and workshops.

Pre Prep Assembly
The ladies from the NSPCC spoke to the Pre Prep about their right to be happy and to feel safe. ‘Buddy’ helped the children to understand the different ways they may be hurt by others and how they might be feeling. The children were told a story about a child named Sam who was not happy, but Sam spoke to her teacher to help solve the problems she was having, and things got better for her. The pupils discussed who their trusted adults would be at home and at school. At the end, they learnt the phone number for Childline, using actions for the numbers.

Prep Assembly

During the Prep assembly, the children learned what to do if they are ever in a situation where they feel they may need help. Bricks were used to represent problems a child may be ‘carrying’, and ways to help ‘lighten the load’ were suggested. These included speaking in confidence to parents, teachers, family, friends and Childline.
They watched clips showing stories of children who the NSPCC have helped, and were encouraged to ‘Speak Out and Stay Safe’.

Year 5 and 6 NSPCC Workshop

Year 5 & 6 took part in a workshop delivered by the NSPCC on children’s rights and speaking out and staying safe. The children discussed real life scenarios and thought about what is right and wrong. They talked about their feelings and what makes them feel happy and safe. They learnt that abuse is never a child’s fault, and found out information on Childline and how they listen to your worries, giving advice on what to do next. Following the workshop, the pupils wrote a list of the people, places and things that make them feel happy and safe and also created a chatterbox containing facts about Childline.
The non-uniform day raised £445 for the NSPCC